Forgetting stuff

I made a list — then I lost it. Dang.

I recently told someone that I can keep only so much stuff in my head; then I have to sweep it out to make room for new. I know it doesn’t really work that way, but it sure seems like it sometimes.

I saw Up last night. It was nice. Also nice to spend the evening with BFF Kay (turns out I had my days mixed up…surprise).

And does someone care to explain why the Sci-Fi channel has changed its name to the infuriating SyFy ? I know, I know. “Rebranding.” I say “dumbing down.” The whole “sci” abbreviation is difficult for Americans to spell or recognize. It’s just too much work, dangit.

OK, I’m hitting the showers. Breakfast with Bando, then a whole lotta tail-feather shakin’ goin’ on. Now where in the HECK did I put that list…


Jim Henson’s Forgetful Jones:

One thought on “Forgetting stuff

  1. Will

    The main reason, other than the ones you pointed out, that the execs at NBC/Universal changed the name from “Sci-Fi” to “SyFy” is that SyFy can be protected by copyright and better merchandised. I’m personally going to keep pronouncing it with the long I sound rather than the long E that they’re using in commercials.


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