Bon voy-ah-gee

Taking off for the Prairie this morning, my fiends. I’m excited for few days of talking to and with some other choral directors, maybe encouraging or inspiring a few of them, having some alone time to think (and to go see Public Enemies at least once), and, hopefully, selling some books in the process. That will make me happy.

Do I plan to shirk my Finkville responsibilities while I’m away? Au contraire, mes amis. I will be with you nearly every morning, as is customary. So feel free to check back if you get the hankerin’.

Last time I left home for a week, Michael Jackson died. Let’s hope this trip is way more uneventful.

Welp. It is now 6:30 a.m., and all my bags are packed — I’m ready to go. Gotta hit the showers. Mavis arrives at 8 for coffee, so that will be fun. Then I’m on the road by 9. The last time I drove any real long distance by myself was a few years ago, when I went to Florida — 17 hours rockin down the highway, fake blond hair blowing in the breeze. I am doing that same trip next summer, FYI, BTW, don’t you know. Can’t wait. Visiting RD and his wife Bonnie, and then going to spend some time with my nephew the actor. Fun times.

Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll post from the road. Call or text if you feel so inclined!

Fink, off to the great wide open.

PS – list the three songs (and the artists who recorded them) that I referenced in this post, and you will win a super-fantastic prezzy, taken from the RtB secret Prize Vault. Because I know you like prizes, my preciouses.

2 thoughts on “Bon voy-ah-gee

  1. Wendell

    Road trip! Great fun. Any chance you will be singing along with Sirius XM radio? A trial version of Sirius came with our Ford Edge…love it…tons of stations with great tunes. Hey, have a safe and enjoyable journey. Oh yeah, John Denver, Leavin’ on a Jet Plane, the Doobie Brothers – Rockin’ Down the Highway, and Tom Petty- Into the Great Wide Open. Chocolat?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Howdy Wendell my friend! And right you are on all 3 counts. Come August, chocolat is definitely coming your way.

      Unfortunately, no Sirius radio in my car. Dang. But the iPod sufficed!


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