I owe Ioway…

more than I can ever pay. (Special prize from the Secret Vault goes to the first person who can tell me what show that ridiculous song is from.)

Actually, the picture below is of Illinois, just shy of the Iowa border. But I don’t know any cool rhymey songs about Illinois. And by the by, that’s Ill-i-noy. Not Ella Noise. I get a little snarky about that particular Schmenglish mishap, seeing as how that is the state in which I was hatched all those many moons ago. I mean, what if I said, “Oh-hee-oh,” or “Grennitch” instead of “Green-witch.”  I could snark. I could. But I won’t. (But I could.)

Anyway. No coffee yet, feel me?

I took this while zipping across I-80 west, singing along with the Jackson 5, near Davenport. Dassum flat land, fiends.

I worked on some session prep and channel-flipped for awhile last night. It was actually fun, and tres therapeutic.

Since I get up at the butt crack of dawn anyway, it won’t surprise you to read that I am wakey-wakey at 4 a.m. local time. So I inspected the disinfecting pod in my room…


Whatever happens, it ain't our fault.…and perused my responsibilities as a hotel, inn, eating house and/or steamboat inmate in the state of Iowa.

And Starbucks isn’t open yet, either. It’s going to be a long wait.

So this morning, it’s off to Lincoln. Should be an easy drive. Looking forward to hanging with the fellow choir geeks tonight.

Are you behaving this weekend? Show the Fink some love. I can’t believe it’s only been eight days since the 4th of July. It seems like months. Has this week gone slowly for you too?


11 thoughts on “I owe Ioway…

    1. Fink on the road

      Ain’t it though? And the nozzle thingy points straight down. I totally channeled Karen Silkwood.

  1. Suzanne

    State Fair? :) Your trip sounds fantabulous.

    Oh and in England it’s pronounced Grennitch and THEY should know. :) Norwich is pronounced Norridge, too.

    1. PKPudlin

      Is that from “State Fair” by Rogers and Hammertoes? errr… I mean Hammerstein?

      One of my faves is how the word ‘Lieutenant’ is pronounced in Great Britain….’lef-TEN-ant’. I don’t see an ‘f’ anywhere in there, do you????

      Glad you’re enjoying your trip. Especially the disinfecting pod.

        1. Fink on the road

          Aaaack! You are right, Suzanne! I don’t know why I got you and Greg mixed up…god knows you don’t look alike! HA

          Hey, when’s the trip stateside again?

  2. PKPudlin

    PS – I was born in the Great State of Illinois as well – up on Lake Michigan at the Navy Base where my daddy was stationed and played his French Horn in the band.

    The state motto is “Please Don’t Pronounce the ‘S’.”


      1. PKPudlin

        Umm, it’s “Great Lakes” Naval Base, unless, of course, you were in the service at that time, in which case you called the place “Great Mistakes”. That could be true now, for all I know.

        Small woild indeed!

        1. Rat Fink Post author

          I always get those 2 names mixed up! Grayslake is also a town in IL. I’m off to do my session now…ta!


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