Friday (finally)

Hey, check these for Halloween:

Them’s four-inch heels, my fiend. What I wouldn’t give to be 5’6″.

And these give new meaning to the term en pointe:

I think those would be comfortable after my standard 15-hour day, don’t you?


So I read yesterday that Jose Canseco is now sorry he wrote Juiced. He apologized on an A & E special, saying that had he known his name-dropping was going to hurt people’s careers, he wouldn’t have done it. (?????)

The ESPN article states:

At one point in the television program, Canseco is shown at an appointment with a Santa Monica physician asking to be weaned off steroids for good to restore his testosterone levels.

‘My body forgot how to make testosterone,’ Canseco said, according to the Daily News. ‘Steroids and the use of steroids destroyed my life completely.'”

Ok, he was angry at MLB when he wrote the book. He lashed out at them, and at others. But hello…there is a considerable block of time between writing a manuscript and receiving completed shipment from the printer. There are no innocent accidents in publishing, at least where major content is concerned. In fact, in a New York Times interview in 1997, Canseco’s ghostwriter said:

I can now reveal that serious thought was given to including Canseco’s recollections of golf course conversations with Clemens about steroids. At the time, we decided to focus on players Canseco injected — since those revelations would carry the maximum impact.”

So yeah. This wasn’t a stream-of-consciousness rant that was printed overnight. Apparently, a lot of thought went into it. Sorry, Jose…I ain’t buyin’ it. (The story or the book.)

In the TV special, he also talked of living paycheck to paycheck. Cynical minds would think, “Hmm; can’t afford to keep up his habit, so he’s going public again, doing teary interviews, selling more copies of Juiced to the curious, boxing other has-beens on cable, and purporting to serve as a warning beacon to young athletes.” But maybe that’s not it. My hope is that he wants to kick the steroids for real and for good.

But I’m not banking on it.

Fink out.

PS: Happy Birthday, #1 Son!

6 thoughts on “Friday (finally)

  1. BoomR

    We watched that special in amazement – his whining about living from paycheck to paycheck….all the while still living in some pretty darned nice digs AND still driving his custom chopper around by the end of the show. And on that note, before rolling the final credits, they flashed a graphic up on the screen saying that Canseco was apprehended trying to get back into the US with….wait for it… yes, steroids. I’m with you. That was a big publicity ploy to get more copies of his book sold for sure….

    Happy Birthday to #1 son from me, too! Was great to see you when I was up in y’all’s neck of the woods a few weeks ago!!

    Boom…Boom…Boom…let’s go back to my room!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Yep, Boom Boom – I read that story recently. Smuggling fertility drugs across the border? Hmm…wonder why??

    PS – Stein is a dead man. There. It’s in writing. I’m off to do the deed right now.

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    You were 5’6″ “once?” Does that mean we really shrink with age, PK? If so, I’m moving to Loompaland.

  4. Krissy Kieffer

    You know, I would give anything to be 5’… seriously. And I love the shoes. I would definitely wear them if they came in my size.


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