Girls of Summer

She got her hair slicked back and Wayfarers on, baby…

Yes, after reading a post on Facebook this morning from Suzanne, admiring a pair of Ray-Bans, I had to go make my first purchase of the summer: some Wayfarers. In fact, I got this exact pair — with the girly flowers on them. Whatever do you think?

Twenty-three days, and I will be that much closer to wearing them on the beaches of Cape Cod and Bar Harbor…

Aren’t they adorable? (The glasses, not the beaches.)

Cute Fink

4 thoughts on “Girls of Summer

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well of COURSE they’re pink, Miss Serengeti. And might I say again how much I love the little pink change purse you made me? It’s full of stuff all the time! <3

  1. Mavis

    AHH! Those are adorable! They remind me of Mother’s old pair with the Zebra stripes! :-) You will be the talk (and the belle) of the East Coast, Bird. Love ’em!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      OMG!!! I totally forgot about Mother’s striped Wayfarers. We used to think they were so silly looking, but now I’d kill to get them! I think those were the raciest thing she ever owned. LOL


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