That’s kind of how I feel this morning, and I don’t even know what “glurg” is. Just sounds right.

I think once I get back home from this meeting in Columbus, I’ll be less glurgish. In 15 minutes, I need to be hitting the showers and the road. Does THAT sound familiar? Oy. Maybe that’s why I’m glurg-y this morning. It is right around the corner. It starts unbelievably early this year. Usually, it starts around my birthday, on the 25th of next month. But this year, faculty have to report on what…the 16th? (Hey, that’s our fiend Stoney’s birthday.)

It makes my tummy get all glurg’d up.

Not sure what to expect this year; there are some huge changes, not only in my program, but in the district as well. Y’know…I used to love big changes. The anticipation and the mystery were real motivators. Now? Not so much. I know, I’m showing my age. But can’t a girl just want some peace, and not all this upheaval? Honestly. People just need to SIMMA DOWN.

OK, I’m fine now. :-)

I just found out that an old girlfriend of mine from high school moved back to the area after living in Florida for decades. It’ll be good to see her again after all these many moons. If all goes well, we’re meeting at Bux tomorrow. How about you? Any plans for the weekend I need to know about/approve? Let fly.

FO — to Columbus and beyond. Glurg.

6 thoughts on “Glurgsday

  1. Mavis

    Well, there’s no dictionary results for “glurg”, but I get the meaning. Sometimes it’s just a glurgy day.

    You start “It” soon. Think of it as one more year down until “retirement!” ;-) I want you baking full time, kid! Besides being such a fantastic teacher, you’ve found your other niche. Hope you feel better by the time you get home. Love you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Right you are! Starting year #8 in the countdown. I love my job, as you know — but man, this old creakity bod is starting to wear down from the strain of two shows a year. Speekina…it’s getting about time to pull out the old tap shoes. :-/

      The meeting was fine. Excellent, even. We got a lot done. Now to spend the entire day completing the assignments I was given. YAY!!! Thanks for the kind words, sis.

  2. Suzanne

    Uhhhm let’s see. Work Saturday, and watch the end of Le Tour. :(

    I was going to bake something Saturday but I got an extra route so that’s out.

    Maybe try and get a couple of rides in.

    Are you going to go see The Dark Knight? Garsh it looks like a good summer movie.

    That’s my ramblings for a Thursday.

    I hear ya on the glurgyness when you think about skool. In Dutch we say “jakkes” (yak-ez). Yucky!

      1. Rat Fink Post author


        That is my new favorite word.

        I saw on FB how far you rode. All the way to the airport and back! I need that kind of discipline, BLAH

        We will definitely go see Dark Knight Rises, but we like to wait until the krazy krowds die down. Hate having people on top of me in the theater! Have a good weekend, Suz!

  3. Suzanne

    It helps to find something that you like to do. Riding a bike is fun to me :) Doesn’t mean that I hop out of bed and on the bike, I still have to talk myself into going. But once I am out there I am happy. :)

    You have a good weekend, too!


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