Gran éxito

deet deet deedle-eedle eet deet dee deeGreat success!


Yesterday’s little game was fun, and I learned a lot. Touché! Gracias to all my fiends who played along (some more begrudgingly than others, albeit, but I heart you for it). If you didn’t get a chance to play yesterday’s game, please do so. I covet your articulate and compendious replies.

You know, I got to thinking: maybe few people comment because the content is insufficient to stimulate cogent thought. Yikes. If that’s the case, back to the draw-ring board. Still, I’m happy.

And since I’m happy, I’m bringin back the nostalgia. Yes, I admit it — I think this video is hysterical. I have neither explanation nor excuse. My students will probably think I have truly lost my mind (if they don’t think that already). It’s the dumbest thing ever, and yet, I laugh.

Back from when MTV was actually worth watching on occasion: Sifl & Olly.

Fink out (for a busy day, arg).

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