I say that’s what we all are if:

  1. we don’t at least question the clutch-the-pearls story about the new iPhone prototype being accidentally left in a bar, then somehow ending up at Gizmodo headquarters (timeline here). Seems Apple’s been there before.
  2. we think Benny Hinn didn’t know.
  3. we didn’t see this coming before it left the house. (Great movie though — watched it last night.)
  4. we don’t realize that somewhere, someone at Goldman Sachs is yucking it up about the SEC.
  5. we deny that Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Ed Schultz are pretty much just ratings whores. Ask Donny Deutsch. Haha.

At least Jon Stewart isn’t denying he’s just the funny guy on Comedy Central who makes his living skewering talking-head blowhards (on BOTH sides) who actually take themselves seriously. Hilarious.

5 thoughts on “gul·li·ble

  1. Suzanne

    What? No mention of Larry King and his alleged affair with his very younger wife’s sister? There was talk of divorce but then I heard that they are going to try and work it out. *cough*

    Loved the Jon Stewart clip, don’t get to see him much as he is on MSNBC but they keep moving him around.

  2. Stein

    I don’t know about the other two assumed radio talk show hosts, but Beck and Limbaugh are windbags. I seriously question whether they actually believe what they are saying or are trying to think of what will get people fired up the most. People call in to yell at them, but that’s what they want! Here’s what will really get rid of these blimps, DON’T CALL IN.
    Radio is lame, anyhow.

  3. BoomR

    Scary thought – I get more of what I perceive as “truth” about things going on in the news from John Stewart vs. the more traditional news sources.


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