Hace mucho frio

Dude. I’m sitting here in my lovely little parlor in jeans, sweatshirt, turtle, socks, shoes, and my wool winter coat. And, as will come as no surprise to my family and friends — I’m fuh-reezing.

Fall is coming to Ohio (some, like Mavis, would say, “at long last!”). And that always brings a bit of consternation to the Fink house. The Thriller, who could wear a swimsuit to a snowball fight, likes to turn the furnace to the “off” position when he comes up for the night. Therefore, when I get up at 5:00 on a freezing cold morning, the Rat’s nest is a toasty 51 degrees. Nice.

Urge to strangle.

I mean, I know his reasoning behind it, and I understand. Natural gas, which heats our 92-year-old house, is frightfully expensive, with no relief in sight. I’m just trying to balance misery with necessity here. I guess my misery is a necessity.



PS – Lars comes for dinner tonight – yay!

8 thoughts on “Hace mucho frio

  1. Stein

    Better to be on the cold side half of the year than to be in a hurricane, or earthquake, or flood, or 120+heat, or 24/7 rain, or 365 freezing.

  2. BoomR

    Holy crap – I forgot all about it being October in Ohio – I guess I need to unpack the Tommy Bahama linen shorts & Hawaiian shirts and pack sweaters, jeans, and a jacket! It’s gonna be 91 in Dallas on Saturday & I’ll miss taking a dip in the pool…but it’ll be worth it to see ya!! :-)

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Waahooo!!! Oh…Lars just emailed…he’s going to be flying down to Texas to help Helen drive back up, so he said he won’t be able to meet you on Sunday. Rats! But #1 son will be there to say hi. Hope yer tawker ain’t broken, pal….

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    @Stein. You are such a ray of sunshine. I may have to walk across the parking lot and smack you in the head.

  5. BoomR

    RATS re: Lars. Where in TX is Helen? #1 son will be JUST fine (and most importantly, his mommy dearest). My yapper is just gettin’ warmed up!

  6. BoomR

    PS… Will Thriller be making an appearance at some point this weekend? I hope he’ll not be dressed as detailed in your post above… LOL

  7. Rat Fink Post author

    HA – I would make dang sure he wunt in his birfday suit! Poor Thriller…he has an infection that the dentist discovered today and is laid up like a hurt pup. He may get out and about later in the weekend, but I wouldn’t plan on him for Sunday morning. Besides, the dirty White Sox fan that he is, he may be either celebrating or licking his wounds…

    Regarding Lars: Helen’s family lives in Galveston. They lost a lot. :-( She drove down there to help them clean up, and he is flying down there tomorrow so she won’t have to drive back home by herself. So sad – they get back from their honeymoon, and she has to take off the next day. They need to get the “marriage” part started, and they haven’t had a chance yet!


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