Happy birthday BoomR!

Once in awhile, really great friends come along. Some drift in and out of your life, but the true blue ones are always in your heart.

Such is the case with my wonderful fiend BoomR.

You have to go to his site and listen to his music. I’ve heard and worked with some great saxophone players in my time, but this guy is at the top of the heap. Fortunately for all his audiences, he’s a fantastic singer too! (I’ll let him give out his website if he wants to.)

We go way back. Check out this shot of us in the studio, circa 1986. HA

Good times, good times..

Welp, Jake is helping me type this, and Justin is getting into k bku¬† vbc b <– that, so I’ll fly for now. HB, BoomR luv!

FO g g gf nm,j,

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday BoomR!

  1. Suzanne

    “FO g g gf nm,j,” translates to Fink Out grammie’s gotta go for now me, justin,

    Happy Birthday BoomR! :)))

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks for the translation services, Sooz. :P

      It was great fun having them, but boy do they wear Grammie OUT!

  2. BoomR

    THANK YOU Fink!! I can’t being to tell you how much I think you’re da bomb!! We did have some good times & make some crazy good music back then! And I can’t wait to see you – two times this summer, right??!!

    I just realized my mail Website is LONG overdue for an overhaul, so you can check out Bluvox & I here:


    ..and just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, all y’all can check out Fink & I from WAY back when-in our Contemporary Christian music days:


    (Check her out on “Non-Stop to Celebrate” and “One More Mile”)

    I’m moving a little slowly today – recovering from a little soiree here @ the casa with 75 of our closest fiends :-)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      AAAAAHHH! Nonstop to Celebrate, HAHAHA — that is awesome. I’d totally forgotten that I had our cassette transferred to CD a couple of years ago. Those were fun songs — and the voices so young…thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! Fun times, mate.

      I’m glad you enjoyed your party. Can’t wait for the 20th of next month, pal. Love you! Thanks for sharing your stuff (and mine, HA).


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