Happy birthday, Lars

And no, I won’t post the photo of you at seven months old, sitting in an antique water bowl and wearing nothing but a gorgeous smile and a fuzzy duck toy in your hands. But I really, really want to.

The Fink’s handsome baby boy is 28 today. How the minutes do fly. What were you doing 28 years ago?

It’s been quite a fun ride with my two sons over the years. And specifically about the birthday boy, I remember:

  • getting food poisoning when I was three months along, and worrying that I’d poisoned him, too (all was well, thankfully)
  • various trips to the emergency room for stitches in his head — the crazy things those two did…
  • his interest in the guitar at a young age

It amazes me at how fast life passes by, and how we need to hold on tight and get all the joy we can from it. At least that’s my plan. Savvy? With me? Hm?

So happity birthday, Lars, my precious boy. The fun is just beginning.

MamaFink out.

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Lars

  1. Meg's Mom

    Goodness, he does look like his Mama in that picture…and what a handsome young man he is!

    Hmmm…28 years ago. I was chasing around a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. Well, not exactly chasing the 2 year old. That was the Christmas our little guy spent in the hospital inside a breathing tent because of asthma. Our youngest wasn’t even thought of yet. (Though she’s at this very moment preparing for breakfast with her favorite choral director!) Now that 2 year old has 2 kids of his own. Time certainly is a fleeting thing, isn’t it?

    I’m with you…time has become precious and needs to be used wisely, with purpose, and a whole lot of lovin’ what and who is really important. On that note, CONGRATS on the Grammie front! Like you, I think the word “Grammie” is just about the most wonderful word in the world.

    Enjoy my girlie this morning!

  2. BoomR

    I don’t think there’s anything in this world that makes me feel older as when I see pics of Lars & Seamus as grown adults – ARGH!!! (remember, it will ALWAYS be about me!) LOL :-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO YOOOUUUUU, Lars! Hope you have a GREAT celebration! Make sure to post lots of pics & videos of the celebration, Fink!!


  3. Country Mouse

    Happy Birthday to “Lars”! You have 2 fine sons!! 28 years ago I was a freshman in college and had recieved an engagement ring for Christmas!! We didn’t get married for another 2 years but gosh I would flip if my 18 year old were engaged!! Of course he is still figuring out how to talk to girls so I don’t see that happening any time soon!!!! You are so right – time is quickly marching on! Right now I am enjoying every minute of our family vacation in warm and sunny Florida!!!!!!

  4. PKPudlin

    28 years ago was another time and almost another life. I had an 18-month old and a 3-month old and was busier than a one-armed wallpaper-hanger. But now the (then) 18-month old is pushing 30 and entering her second semester in the MFA program at Penn State. Her (then) 3-month old sister is vying for OTS in the Air Force. One thing hasn’t changed, though. I’m still busier than a ……

    PK – keepin’ herself occupied and outta trouble.

  5. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks, everyone! He will appreciate the birthday wishes. And oh my, you all have been busy for the last 28 years — lawd! (Wish I was in Florida right now…raining and cold here!)

    Boom — the relief is that *they* are getting older right along with us. :-) Oh, and have fun at the gig tomorrow night!

  6. RD

    I remember visiting mother and baby shortly after his birth, and seeing him grow into the fine young man he is. A belated happy birthday to Lars! Sorry to be so late, but the wish for blessed years to come is genuine.


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