Various & Sundry XXXIX


Well now, it’s 4:16 a.m. and I’ve already been up for two hours. I’m dreaming of being upstairs in my comfy bed, under the electric blanket, dreaming. Why is it that the brain holds so much sway over what the body does? Ah, the spirit is willing, but, yeah. And funny how this only happens when I have to be somewhere in four hours. On the days I have no commitments, I sleep just fine. Rat Fink, Rat Fink…

So of course, I pad down the stairs, start the coffee, and read the news. But first, a commercial:

Deal Chicken. Go there and put in your own city. I just liked the name at first (I saw it while reading a St. Cloud, MN newspaper article), but after clicking over, it appears that one can score a deal or two. I might have to go back there and snoop around.

I think the only thing worse than knowing I did not win the lottery would be knowing I did win it, but was unable to find the ticket. Actually, that would be much, much worse. Bash-your-head-on-the-desk worse. Or worse yet, not knowing that I had the winning ticket…now that would bite.

Cyberbaiting. Cripes, this is all I need.

Maybe, but I’d have to make you suffer for it. “Honey, I know you wanted that Alaskan cruise for Christmas, but, I’m going to give you this instead.”  Yep. That’ll work,  sure as a Browns victory this Sunday.

This can be called payback — reaping what you sow — bad juju — for giving new customers great deals on the Droid Razr, but gouging current, loyal, on-time paying customers who want to upgrade early. Feh. A hex upon your household.

Mmmm, meat – out of a machine, even. Could this foreshadow the return of the awesomely classic automat?

And now that it’s exactly 5:16 a.m., it’s time to get going. Stuff to do at the school house this morning. It’s going to be a thumbs-up weekend, however. Bring it. Happy Thurnsday!

2 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XXXIX

  1. Will

    I had a panic attack this morning so I was up uber early this morning also.

    I would love to have an automat again. There’s something so convenient and retro to it. With all the retro things coming back, I could realistically see this working.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ick, friend — so sorry to hear that you had a panic attack. I’ve never had one, but I understand they can be debilitating. Hope you feel better tonight.

      And there are actually automats coming back! They’re appearing all over the world, and not just offering food. Cool!


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