Am I mental?

When I chose the title for this post, WordPress reminded me that there was already an entry by that name — from 2008. Yipes. Glad I didn’t do what I was considering┬áback then. Ha.

Anyway. Am I mental for the following?

Life would be grand if…

  1. I never again saw a toilet in a Facebook profile photo. If you have teenagers on your friend list, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  2. I never again saw a Facebook status post that contained only song lyrics (with no artist credit, of course).
  3. there was a Facebook script that auto-detected photos containing the duck-face-and-peace-sign pose, causing the perpetrators’ profiles to be instantly deleted and their IPs permanently banned. Along with the profiles of their progeny.
  4. Oreos were thermogenic.
  5. there was a cure for osteoarthritis.
  6. I could just have *one* more week of Christmas break. (I know, stop whining.)
  7. it would snow bigtime just once soon, so the Thriller could use the shiny new snowblower he got for Christmas. I’ve never known him to actually wish for a snowstorm until now. :-)

What do you wish for today? I know my list was a skosh tetchy, but sometimes it just helps to blab it all out there, you know? Let fly with your snark. I’m yer huckleberry.

4 thoughts on “Am I mental?

  1. Skylar

    I would give you my last week of break if I could. Reading and practicing can only do so much. :P I’m ready to go back. XD

  2. Meg

    Ha! I laughed out loud at #1 and #3. I will ditto those snarks.

    And what do I wish you ask? I wish…that the fink would join me for breakfast soon so I can see her. The end. :)


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