Hate and hate


Know what I hate? Oversleeping. It’s one of the few things for which I have little to no patience. It ruins my morning; puts me in a terrible mood. (Yay for my choirs.)

So how about them Cavaliers? Alas, the humiliation continues. Dear Lord, thank you for Finkday.

Early dinner with some teacher fiends after school, then off to the first basketball game tonight — go Trojans! But for now, I really want to go back to bed. Blerk.


2 thoughts on “Hate and hate

  1. Rae

    Ha. Steve leaned over the piano last night and asked the choir “So! Who is gonna go home and click on that Cavs game, huh!?”… and they all looked at him blankly, then I cracked up in the midst of silence. I called my mom on the way home and she said “They boo every time he touches the ball”…. I said “You mean every point he scores?”…. she said “No. I mean EVERY. TIME. he touches the ball!!”…..

    If there’s one thing about Cleveland that is achievable, at least they’re good at holding a grudge.


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