Yay for Career Day

So the guidance counselor at my high school asked me to give a talk this afternoon to some students who are interested in pursuing a career in writing. Isn’t that nice? (I think she just couldn’t find anyone else.)

I plan to ask them questions, and talk briefly about getting a book published. Then I’m going to chat about my good fiend Ross, touch on the whole self-publishing thing, and do some Q & A. I saw the list of students coming to my session and it looks like it’s going to be fun. Nice kids all, and nary a scaredy cat in the bunch.

Of course, this also means I have to give up my 5th grade choir rehearsal today. *sniffy sniff*


What’s up for your Thurnsday, besides pining for tomorrow at 5 p.m.?? Tonight is dinner-and-movie night with Bob and BFF Kay. Pizza and Chamber of Secrets. Yummy x 2.

6 thoughts on “Yay for Career Day

  1. Mavis

    Well, they couldn’t have picked a better speaker and role model for those kids! I know that they will enjoy their time with you this afternoon, Lindabird!

    K&B are going to love movie night, tonight!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      As soon as the movie’s over, the game gets turned on! we’ll be done by about 8, and that’s when the game starts. No worries….no matter where we are in the movie, I am turning it to the game at 8 so I can see the team introductions. :-)


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