Have I mentioned…

…that there’s a reason people customarily have young children in their twenties and thirties?

We’ve had the Js since Tuesday night, and it’s been a blast. But the old bod is paying for it, oh my, my, my…

Back in the saddle again tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Have I mentioned…

  1. PKPudlin

    Have you taught them to tap dance yet?
    The trick is to wear them out before they wear you out. Put on some music, glue some metal bottle caps on their shoes and show ’em a coupla moves.

    Some friendly advice from a person who does not have grandchildren. Dontcha love it?

    He he he :)

  2. Stoney

    I feel your pain. Max spent the night Sunday night and last night. Dear God I am old! I love him to death, but I did not shed a tear as he left this morning. I am Barneyed and Elmoed out!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HA – I feel the “old” reference, pal! With mine, it’s cars, sandbox, pool and ball. Thank the gods I had Grandpa Thriller around to help out with the activities, or they would’ve been bouncing those kickballs off my unconscious body lying on the sidewalk. LOL

  3. Meg's Mom

    My turn! I got my two angels this morning and will have them just one night. I brought them home and suddenly didn’t know how to get 2 little ones and all their stuff into the house without leaving a kid in the car alone, or a kid in the house unsupervised. We’ve blown bubbles, played games, read books, made music on the computer, played peek a boo, had lunch, put one down for a nap (successfully by the way), danced and played with water balloons and they’ve only been here about 4 hours. When my oldest were the same age I was taking care of mine and the others that I babysat for and taking them all over the place, now I can’t figure out how to organize it with just 2 that I adore! All that whining and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yay! I know they live kind of far away, so it’s fantastic you got to hog them to yourself for awhile! And isn’t it hilarious about the “what do I do?” thing? And to think, when we were in our 20s, it just came as second nature…sheesh.

      But you’re absolutely right — I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They keep us young!

  4. RD

    Being the old guy that I am, and the grandfather of eleven, I’ve experienced the joyous fatigue which you are also experiencing right now. Through the years, we’ve cared for young grandchildren for several days, were so exhausted that we thought we’d never be able to move the old bods again. I have a five year old grandson in Indiana who is “grandpa’s boy.” That means his one mission, though unintential on his part, is to wear me out. Mission accomplished! But, what a joy he is, as is true of all of our grandchildren. And, incidently, I recuperated and survived. I betcha you will too :-) I wish that there was a way to store up all of their energy and then release it to us when we need an energy transfusion.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I just said this to the Thriller the other day — oh, to have an iota of that energy. But you seem to have no trouble — geez, 11 grandchildren, you’re mowing lawns now?!?!? And you’re only 82!



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