It’s happened to all of us, to wit: we makes our choices and we lives with the consequences. So it goes with US Rep. Anthony Weiner, who came clean about the racy Twitter photos, but started yet another political circus that won’t likely die down anytime soon.

Um, couple of things here.

1. Is he mental? Did he think in a million years that the truth wouldn’t be ferreted out? He should have had an emergency meeting with his handlers to decide the best way to control the bleeding after full disclosure. I’m shocked that he and his people would be so naïve as to think they could hide it. Have Gary Hart, John Edwards and Larry Craig taught you nothing? Do you think these women and Andrew Breitbart could sit on a powder keg like this and not chirp? Baffling…but I wasn’t there, so all I have is conjecture.

2. Wonder why he doesn’t pronounce the vowels in his name like the Germans/Austrians do (Wy-ner), which is consistent with the surname’s origin. Wouldn’t that have been easier on him his whole life? I guess it wasn’t his choice. Regardless…awkward for him right now. Eek.


I have one of those drinky tests today, where they make you swallow this nasty cocktail, then monitor you for three hours on how you react to its ingredients. Today is lactose, I think. Ick. It’s the last one in a group of three or four I’ve done over the past couple of months. I hate the drinky tests.


Man, for a minute there, I thought the Indians were going to keep winning and actually give us something to cheer about. What a relief that things are now back to normal, and we’re losing to the worst team in MLB.


Last night, I watched an HBO documentary on the life of chess champion Bobby Fischer. Weeeeird. I remember watching that coverage on TV. They preempted other programming to run constant footage of two guys at a chess board for hours, in complete silence. It was worse than watching C-SPAN. Or golf. Anyway, if you can, check it out. He was a tortured soul with a cornflake for a mother. No wonder he cracked up.


When I get a chance, I am going to sit down and read this story, because, as you know, real life is way better than fiction.


The Js come for a 2-day visit today, yippy! I pulled our Olympic sized swimming pool out of the garage last night and filled it with water, so hopefully the boys won’t freeze when they step in it today. Gonna be a hot one up here…

Happy Tunesday!


2 thoughts on “RNF XLVII

  1. BoomR

    He’s apparently known throughout his district as a “spoiled frat boy.” Reports closer to his district are not surprised and no one locally is batting an eye at this. And initial straw-polls say that he’s done a great job at his job & this issue would not keep people from voting for him again. It’s the Republican media machine that’s latched on to this that’s blowing it way out of proportion.


    The key difference between what he did and all the “family values” right-wing Republicans that have been getting caught with their pants down (and the list is WAY longer than John Edwards & now Weiner) is that Weiner has NOT been voting against LGBT issues, or against Planned Parenthood, or pontificating about his righteousness (or generally waving the “family values” flag) while all the while committing adultery with a co-worker’s wife, hitting on under-aged congressional pages, having a gay love-affair, or using tax dollars to fund trips to Argentina to be with his mistress & the new “love of his life” (just to name a few)…

    Consider this: 20 years from now, what public official WON’T have some sort of racy photo of his/hers come to the surface?? Think of how many teens are sexting pics like this almost daily (or even worse), not for a moment thinking how it could affect their public image or careers down the road?

    I dunno about you, but I think the media & the right-wingnuts making all the hoo-ha about this are glad to have yet another issue to distract the nation at large from the real issues at hand: our economy & jobs. Because the only plan that they can bring to the table to get us out of this mess is the same collection of policies and actions that got us INTO this mess (cue title credits for the HBO movie you just got done watching)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Preach it, son. (I did mention Larry Craig as well, so I wasn’t Dem bashing — you know I hate *all* parties equally.) :-)

      Dwight Eisenhower, FDR and probably lots of others were philanderers as well, but it didn’t sway their political convictions. But that was before the collapse of the “gentlemen’s agreement” that the press stayed out of politicians’ personal business. Now it’s a requirement: get as much dirt as you can to try and discredit the man/woman, forsaking the issues for paper sales and website hits. It’s all insanity.

      There’s no discretion or moderation anymore. It’s all a great big circus, clouding the issues and disenchanting voters.

      Wolf Blitzer said tonight on his show that by-and-large, the members of Congress are hardworking, dedicated public servants who really want what’s best for their constituencies. It would be nice if the press concentrated on those boring people, instead of giving all the goods to the few bad apples.


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