Hey, I’m still here

Wow, it’s been a few days since I visited with you. Too long, in fact.


This could be a long day, followed by about 28 more. Twenty-eight. That’s my magic number. Count down from 28 to 1 and I’m done. Hey, thanks to my fiends for the cool suggestions from a couple of posts back. I really do appreciate them. The next two weeks will reveal much, about us and┬áthem. It’s going to be a good show — now the job at hand is to make it a great one.

And speaking of shows…time to get back to some work before I leave for my rehearsal at noon today. Thanks for hanging in with me through the lacy posts as well as the meaty ones. I’m savin’ it all up, you know. After this show closes, you’ll need an hour and three cappus to get through this place.


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