So shines (another) good deed…

… in a weary world. Just when you think all hope is lost.

I had my (only) pit band rehearsal yesterday afternoon, mostly to make sure the guitar player, whom I’d neither met nor heard play, was going to be OK with everything. I mean, Grease¬†without a guitar is like, well, Grease¬†without a guitar player.

I should have figured it out when I got no response from the reminder email or the two texts I sent before the rehearsal. The rest of us were there, but…yeah. No guitar player.¬†Bam. Fired. Now what? With son Lars unavailable for that time period, I didn’t know where to turn. Good guitar players always seem to be in glut-like supply, until you actually need one.

Seamus and I discussed an alternative, but I decided to fling out my net as a desperation move and ask a former student (who now lives in a town 75 miles from the school and works for Best Buy) to rescue us.

He said yes.

I am in a state of both total disbelief and indescribable gratitude. So that is one glacier-sized worry off my plate, making room for the 326 other things. You know how that is.

Twenty-seven days. Yes, I am now officially one of those loozer teachers who’s counting — along with every student. :-)


6 thoughts on “So shines (another) good deed…

  1. Mavis

    Yay for those who come to the rescue!! Isn’t it wonderful to know they’re out there?! I’d say you got the “Best Buy”. :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HA — ya nut. I sure did! He is a super trouper for doing this for us.

      Hey, we need to have a cluck soon!

  2. PKPudlin

    Wow. That’s terrific that it worked out that way, but that’s also the way it should be. As musician/performers, we are (generally speaking) looked down upon by the rest of the world because we are “non-productive”. This means that we must look to each other for support – *we* are all we have. Think of it the other way ’round. If you were 75 miles away and a former colleague called you in extremis, would you go? Heck, yeah. You know you would. So would I.

    As for Mister Flaky No-Show – he’s made his own bed. You know you won’t give his name out as a recommendation and word will get around. The calls will get fewer and fewer; pretty soon he won’t get any calls and his guitar will get dusty in the corner. Oh, well.

    Best to you, Finkly, and your rescuer.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, luv. And you’re right — I’d do it for a friend. We all would. This other guy…turns out he has more problems than I thought, but I’m glad I found out about them before it was too late and my former student couldn’t arrange to get off work to make the drive.

      His parents live near the school, so I’m hoping he can at least bunk at their place so he won’t have to make the drive twice in one weekend.


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