Hey, looky — I’m seven

It’s been seven years. That can’t be right. Holy cats.

On 22 February, 2008, I published my first post here at RtB. During the ensuing years, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about this little venture, and I’ve answered them privately, but can’t recall posting the answers anywhere so my readers (the teeming multitude of about 150 of you, worldwide) who don’t know me personally can see them. Therefore, I shall celebrate RtB’s birthday by listing and answering a few; kind of like, you know, interviewing myself. :-) Behold, the interesting questions and mundane answers:

What does Rockin’ the Bourgeoisie mean? “RtB” means, in a way, “rattling the cages of my fellow regular folks, and encouraging them to think, smile, and especially, talk to one another and to me.” You know I love comment love. I also love the interaction in a somewhat controlled space. While I don’t moderate comments like many bloggers do, I’m partial to having at least some guidelines for conversation. That makes it so I don’t have to check this place every 10 minutes to make sure something totally vile doesn’t upset my friends, or the parents and students who read here on a semi-regular basis.

What’s your blog about? Nothing. (I know I’ve said that here — probably about a hundred times.) This is likely the question I’ve been asked the most, next to Why “Rat Fink?”. Years ago, I read on some writer’s site that blogs without a focused subject are basically useless. Well, there you go. :-D

Why do you call your husband “The Thriller?” Because his name is Michael Jackson.

Isn’t this website expensive? Why don’t you just get a Tumblr or Blogger or WordPress site? I suppose self-hosting a blog could be viewed as extravagant, but it’s really not that terribly costly. In the interest of transparency: I pay $100 and change per year for hosting, and $20 or so for annual domain name renewals (I own three domains, and two are hosted on this server: finkweb.org and the site I maintain for my choirs). The best part is the complete control over one’s own domain space with regard to structure and design, software platform, and especially, (the 100% lack of) advertising. That was important to me, so I chose this route as opposed to the free sites (which are all fine and good, btw).

What’s your “thing” with David Soul? Hahaha. You refer to when I mention his name on the Law page. It’s a silly story, but David Soul (yes, that David Soul — the one of “Don’t Give Up on Us, Baby” and Starsky & Hutch fame), commented here once, on a post in which I wrote several nice things about him, and he behaved like the arrogant, self-important, smug jerk he apparently is. It was definitely a peculiar experience, and therefore totally worth memorializing in some permanent fashion.

What do you get out of writing like this every day? Well first, it used to be every day. Nowadays, not so much, and that makes me sad. I want nothing more than to change that and get back to writing every day, because as fellow writers know, it’s part of your cellular make-up; it’s a huge chunk of who you are. To abandon or even back-burner it is a disservice to your soul.

And here’s a question I just made up:

What do you like most about doing this? YOU. No joke. When I think about my family who have commented here, and the friends I’ve made and reconnected with through this forum, I can say with complete certainty that those relationships are what keeps this show on the boards. That you think it’s a remotely positive experience to click over here every day makes me very happy. So thank you!

All right, as usual: off to get some work done. Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Hey, looky — I’m seven

  1. PKPudlin

    Bwaaahhaaaahahaha….. I remember that David Soul post. What a donkey. Him, not you, hun. Kinda sad at the same time. Didn’t he say he was remixing ‘Dont Give Up’ for a re-release? We should write and ask him about it. (That’s me – twist the knife, pour in lemon juice, repeat….) He’s on the Yellow Brick Road to obscurity fer sher.

    Happy Blog Birthday, my friend. I’ve enjoyed every minute.

    Raising a glass-

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I figured you’d remember! And thank you for being here for the long haul, friend. So glad I know you, even if it was the evil BU that brought us together. Someday, we will meet! XO

  2. Suzanne

    WOW that David Soul, what a maroon! LOL

    Congrats on the 7 years, that’s what 49 in dog years? Still younger than us HAAAAA

    Love ya doll <3

  3. David

    As I relatively new Fink Fiend acolyte I can tell you that this is my favorite read daily! The reasons for that are as varied as my friend Ms Fink, it is sharp, intelligent, ranging from silly fun to profound truths all coming straight from the heart, your heart. So…Happy Seventh Birthday!

    On the days when you are busy off doing finking I go back through the archives and randomly read the former posts…have not yet reached the above mentioned David Soul Blog but since he is irrelevant I am not sure I will bother. I think Mavis said it best…what a maroon!

    At seven “you look marvelous Darlin,” said in my best Billy Crystal impression of Fernando. Peace!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thank you Dave! So great that we’ve reconnected after these many decades…the other day, I was trying to think of the last time I saw you. I think our kids were little. What — late 80s, early 90s? Couldn’t have been much after that. We have to fix that, sonny!

      And maybe the fact that we’ve written DAVID SOUL so many times in this post will bring him back here on his next daily Google of his name. (*waving* — hi, David)



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