History of Me, Part II

How about a couple of funny pictures?

We were living in Waukegan, Illinois when I started school in 1964. This is my first grade picture. Notice how my mother did my hair to look like hers. She definitely won in that category:

(Click for larger view)

We moved to suburban Milwaukee in 1968. That’s when I discovered boys. I discovered I could outrun them, outpitch them, and basically school them in dancing to and singing along with the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Temptations, Donny Osmond, and Bobby Sherman.

It was my Tomboy Phase. I was cocky and cool. I owned everybody.

Then I discovered boys — again. It was all downhill from there. I decided that if the boys were going to chase me for any other reason than to pound me to the ground because I had the football, I was going to have to girly up. So, by 6th grade, I was all sissified. (Click picture for larger view.)

Stop laughing. I mean it. And you know who you are.

Mondays bite.

Fink out.

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