Hitting the pavement running

Update — Headin’ for that line o’ trees. Good (but busy) two days. Lots of work waiting for me when I get home. Nuts to that.


Or I should say, the elevator. I’m on the flippin 21st floor.

Today, I present at a meeting, work the JECO booth, go to another meeting (yay for lunch with Bando), do some more booth-babe work, then quit for the night to get some dinner with the Thriller and do something fun. (He is locking himself in the hotel room all day, doing homework.)

So, time to fly. I hope the start to your weekend is going well!


8 thoughts on “Hitting the pavement running

  1. PKPudlin

    Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if the elevator at your hotel was like the one on “Thoroughly Modern Millie” where you had to tap-dance to get it to work?

    … or not….

    Just sayin’

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HAAA! Boom Boom, the point is to get people to approach the JECO booth — not slap leather for the nearest exit. LOL

      We had a good time. Now we’re on I-71, pointed towards Ashlandia. XO

  2. RD

    Hope you’ve arrived home safely. I saw on the JECO website that you were listed in one place as the VP and in another place someone else is. So which is right? I also looked for a convention program to see what you were presenting, but, alas, didn’t find it. What was your presentation?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yikes RD, thanks for pointing that out. I’m not the webmaster for JECO, but I can pass that info along.

      And strangely enough, I presented on the plans to totally redo the JECO website! HA


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