HNY from RtB II

So many new things under the sun.

Happy New Year, my fiends. I hope everyone had fun last night, and got back home with no incidents. BFF Kay and Bob came over — Bob leaves for Slovenia this morning — and we celebrated the Thriller’s and my wedding anniversary with food and laughs and a movie. I trust all of you did something fun or relaxing as well.

Last year on this day, I said that it was going to be a “difficult, challenging, uncertain, but hopefully happy year for me.” Hmm. Prescient prediction it was. Two thousand nine was all those things, and in many cases, not for the reasons I would have chosen.

I learned much in 2009; lots about others, but mostly about myself. Fitting way to end a year: reinforcing the notion that you’re never too old to learn. But where’s the fun in life without a learning experience or three along the way? Should we not mature and improve? Isn’t that the purpose of aging, regardless of one’s age?

Questions, questions.

So now, to the obligatory subject matter: what are you doing differently in 2010? Notice I did not use the “R” word. “Resolution” sounds so…I dunno…resolute. Rigid. Unyielding. And that’s not what life is. One of the Thriller’s favorite sayings is “life is dynamic.” He’s right, you know. Everything must change. Nothing stays the same.

How true. So I made a New Year’s Decision to do more good, love my family more, treat myself better. Actually, we should all start there, ja?

But enough proselytizing. I got work to do before Monday hits. Share your New Year’s Decisions, or what events you’re looking forward to in 2010. I covet your comments, as always.

Happy Happy!

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