HNY from RtB

Happy 2009 to you, my dear fiends.

It’s going to be a difficult, challenging, uncertain, but hopefully happy year for me. And I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t concerned about 2009 for the country as a whole. But, we shall overcome. We have in the past.

Truth is, we have many reasons to celebrate and look forward to the new year. You all know what your reasons are, and I’m confident they will continue to make you happy and grateful. We tend to complain a lot, when we’ve really no right to. I guess I should speak for myself: I complain a lot when I have no right to. I got no business griping when I have a great family who love me, a job I actually enjoy, good health, and fantastic friends.

What more is there to life than your family, friends and health? To me, that’s the perfect recipe for Happy. Well, almost perfect. I could do with a friggin’ decent salary, but hey…I have no right to complain, n’est-ce pas?


Happy Happy! I heart you all.

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