Hooray for Underdog(s)

Dear God,

Please make the bad people go away.


Rat Fink

Underdog and Simon Bar Sinister ©1964, Leonardo Productions

4 thoughts on “Hooray for Underdog(s)

  1. BoomR

    Girl, you have WAY too much time on your hands! LOL

    (but that was a nice job with PSP or Photoshop or whatever you used!)

    BTW, how are you digging the superbowl on Thriller’s “hi-def wall of video” ??

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      That took about 9 minutes, amigo…but thanks!

      I must say that the Thriller’s new TV is dandy. Well, except for the 100-yard interception return that just happened. Ugh. Someday, it will be the Browns’ turn. Someday…

      Hugs to you!


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