I got nothin’.

No voice, that is. Whatever this plague is that has chosen to follow me around in various incarnations since last week, it’s now settling in the exact area I need it least:

As many of you know, I am no stranger to voice problems, although the trouble was long ago. Still, I’m a little skittish when it comes to laryngitis — it led to surgery all those years ago, and I don’t ever want to repeat that delightful experience.

So, no talking (teaching) for me today. I’m sure the choirs will be thrilled. All I know is, this February is one for the record books. Sheez.

Fink, rocking the mensis horribilis.


Photo credit: health.com

8 thoughts on “I got nothin’.

  1. Ross

    sorry to hear, sounds awful. i just happened to have been in vegas this weekend and found my own vocal chords, karaoke style, for the first time in my life.

    I hope this clears up for you soon!

      1. Ross

        I am one of the two infamous human beings on earth without a cell phone. I’m married to the other one. so there’s no video i know of.

  2. Stein

    No way. I’m home today too. I had such a sinus headache that when I stand I get dizzy. I also have zero voice. Hoo-rah snot-nosed kids!


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