Délicieuse Pâtisserie

I got it.

I want to be a pastry chef.

A link this morning led me to a list of less stressful careers (swearing that I would fire off a nasty letter if “K-12 teacher” was on it), and saw the description of pastry chef. Just me, sugar, cinnamon, butter and creativity. Now that sounds like a job, friends.

I mean, I love to bake. I love to be creative. Here’s me, getting up at 3 a.m. and going to the restaurant. I’m by myself…everything’s quiet…nice and warm and cozy. I put on some Debussy, Poulenc or Fauré (just to get all Frenchy-Frenchy), and by 8 a.m., I’m surrounded by eclairs, tarts, petit fours, croissants. Then I go home and take a nap. Er, I mean, work out.


Maybe in another life.

What was/is your dream job? Did you ever think about going for it? I mean, I love teaching, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, the stress of it makes me want to jump off a bridge. Maybe you’re already living your dream, and for that I say a big congrats to you.

And a “dream job” isn’t relaxing on a yacht all day. That isn’t a job, and I doubt I could live very long that way anyhow…it’s just how I’m built. But what would you do if you *really* had the choice of careers? I covet your responses.

Fink out.

10 thoughts on “Délicieuse Pâtisserie

  1. Ted

    Everybody should go for his/her dream job, including you, someday. I’d stop by most mornings to snag a croissant.

    (You make delicious pastries, in my opinion)

  2. Suzanne

    OK you aren’t going to believe me…but I’d love to be a pastry chef, too! I sometimes think I’d love to just take off and go to France to a pastry school…ahh that would be heaven. Ohh la la Y voilá!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Wahoo! Would you not just love it?? Ah, someday. Probably when I have already slipped the surly bonds of this earth….

  3. Jan

    hey girl- sorry so long in checking in. This is a good one for me!
    Drum roll…….
    I wanted to be a cake decorator. I even have a little book I drew in 5th grade proclaiming this fact. I was slated for cake decorating lessons at the local ace hardware, but my mother said that sugar was too expensive and therefore was out of the question (hmm…. now that I know the mommy score, I doubt that was the reason. I was well into guitar lessons by that time).
    Let’s run away from home, open a B & B and start baking!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey Jan – welcome back! And as sorry as I am that the cake decorating never worked out, I’m glad the guitar lessons did. :-) I still have yet to do a blog feature on the instrumental and vocal winners of that competition back in 1986…

  4. Sam

    I’ve given some intense thought on my future career recently. Intense, I tell ya. But I think I’ve narrowed it down to three choices:

    1. Graphic or Web Design
    2. Photography
    3. Writing

    I’m sure that making a decision on one of those three will haunt me well into college.

  5. Krissy

    I want to do something in the publishing field. Whether a publisher, editor, literary agent, or author I’m not sure.


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