I guess it had to happen sometime


And yesterday was it.

For the first time in 396 days, I missed writing a blog post. I guess it had to happen; nothing is constant in this world. But you need to know that in order for me to miss writing for a day, the reason had to be major.

And it was.

Looking back on the last year, I’ve had some major stress in my life — much of which I have shared with my RtB fiends. But yesterday was an exception. That is to say, yesterday was consummately stressful. Had to be, right? Or I’d have written to you.

I won’t go into the details quite yet, but the wheels pretty much fell off. They might fall off tonight, too — before rehearsal ever begins. There’s some stress for ya, boys & girls.

So, what does one do when one is so incredibly stressed, there seems to be nowhere to turn? The answer: seek solace in things that transcend mere daily existence.

Yeah, that’s it. I feel better already.

Fink (stroking) out.

4 thoughts on “I guess it had to happen sometime

  1. Hiltbrunner

    Jax, I feel you on the stressing out. This past year for me…jeez. Between my father having a liver transplant, having a close family member die unexpectedly, finding out my dad will also need a kidney transplant and now myself having (possibly) serious back issues (waiting on the MRI), I am about to call it quits.

    Hang in there, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, though that could be a train, but either way your difficulties are about to come to an end. :P

  2. BoomR

    OH NO!!

    Just say the word & I’ll dash to the store & buy up the remaining “Emergency Chocolate” bars & get them to you ASAP. Will that help??

    ((POWERHUGGERS)) from the Big D!!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You sweetheart! I might need you on stand-by — we’ll see after tonight!! Love you Boom Boom


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