So, sports fans…

…are you ready for the week from Hades? Ready, steady…..kA-BLaM

Happens every year. Production week, I mean. For those not of the theater persuasion, it’s basically the week where everything comes together (and falls apart) in anticipation of opening on the weekend.

After auditions back in December, rehearsals beginning on MLK Day, my bizarre illness, snow days galore, mono and a horrible flu strain making their way through the cast, countless setbacks and other wonderful issues that honk me off so I won’t explain them out in fronta God and everyone…we’re opening in 5 days. So it begins.

I’ve been asked why I put myself (and my students) through this. Like many passions, only those who know, know. I’ve had people tell me — hundreds of times, actually — that they would die of heart failure if they had to get up in front of a crowd and perform. I can’t relate to that, I guess. There are those of us who absolutely live for that thrill. I know I always did. And now I get the chance to live it again, albeit vicariously.

I’m looking forward to seeing my students get the payoff for the work they’ve done. I know that I am not always pleasant to work with. Sometimes I’ve thought, “I wouldn’t blame them if they walked out.” I’m just glad they haven’t.

But hey…the week is young.

Fink out.

10 thoughts on “So, sports fans…

  1. RD

    You’ve had so many ruts and bumps on this road to DT performance, that, hopefully this week will go very smoothly, working out a few last minute kinks, putting the icing on the cake,and resulting in a fantastic performance. Everyone one I’ve seen have been absolutely amazing. I’m sorry that I’m going to miss it so that I could be amazed again.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks RD — I will miss you this year!

      And isn’t someone having a birthday this weekend??? Hmm….

  2. Stein

    This is only somewhat related…. I never knew how to spell “marshmallow” correctly until today. Imagine that, eh?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey it happens to the best of us…and since I am decidedly bester than you, I will even confess that it has happened to me as well.


  3. Ross

    I learned the correct spelling for marshmallow recently too, that’s weird! I wrote something for St. Pats on leprechauns and spell-checker harshed my ‘mellow’ with ‘mallow’.

    As for production week, sounds like hell. I’ve been in a college play (‘A Doll’s House’), a community theater play (Something ‘on a garden’), and I was cast in a musical in high school but dropped out- opening weekend was the same weekend of the state championships for hockey and I believed we’d make state. We did, but lost. It’s just as well, the play was “A Funny Thing Happened …” and I was a eunuch. I think the theater director did that to me on purpose. I’m having deja vu here … have I shared this with you before?

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      “Hey, fourth eunuch from the left…”

      Forum is a great show, Ross — too bad you had to drop out! And no, you never told me that. The “____ eunuch from the left” is a running theater joke. Never actually knew anyone who played that particular part. HAAaaa

      Great to “see” you! Oh, and my Waterloo word was always “imaginative.” It just never looked right so I would subconsciously replace the second “a” with an “i.” Weirdness…


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