I. Hate. eBay.

  1. I hate eBay.
  2. Yesterday was almost the worst day of my life. Imagine everything in your world that could go wrong at once — then double it. That was my day.
  3. I’m late picking up Mavis.
  4. When I get the third response from eBay’s ridiculous excuse for customer support, and it’s the same old tired copied-and-pasted crap…I really want to hurt things. I want to take the little CS droids “Marissa” and “Angelica” (fake names anyway, I’m sure of it) and bash their little heads together. If they have heads. They may be, like, alienoids er somethin.
  5. Have I mentioned that eBay needs to die? I hope Amazon swallows them up like the friggin’ Red Sea.
  6. I.
  7. Hate.
  8. eBay.

Fink out.

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