I. M. Weird

And we all know it. Or at least my family and fiends know it. Do you have strange rituals and idiosyncrasies? Please say you do. I’m sure some of mine infuriate the Thriller (and others), to wit:

  1. I check my online bank balance every morning, and sometimes several times a day, even though I know nothing has changed.
  2. I will not get into a cold car in the morning during the winter. If that means I’m late, then I’m late.
  3. I hate nearly all vegetables, but adore pickled beets. I could eat a ton of ’em.
  4. I’m such a typophobic, I have to compose all my concert and musical theater programs myself, for fear of offending a coworker if I found a misspelling and had to do it over again. (And I would have to do it over again.) At least if the typo is my fault, I can just be annoyed at myself.
  5. I have a thing about people’s salivary habits and sink basins. (If remnants of tooth-brushing are not completely rinsed away, something inside my head snaps.)
  6. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, I have to do my own choreography for my dinner theater show, and my own piano playing, because I’m afraid someone else might not do it the way I want it done. More useless phobias.
  7. I think really horrible thoughts about people who carelessly take up two parking spaces in a crowded lot. Really horrible thoughts. Like, get out a paper and pen and leave them a nasty note thoughts — or worse — forget the paper and just write the note on their paintjob thoughts.
  8. I occasionally eat chocolate and cookies and cereals without a thought about the sugar content — but I absolutely refuse to drink any beverage with sugar in it. Go figure.
  9. I think one of the reasons I don’t wear lipstick is probably the fact that I can’t stand the sight of it on the side of a coffee mug. *shudder* Naaaaaasssssteeeeeeee
  10. I have to put something here because I can’t stand lists that end on numbers 6-9.

Bet some of you could out-weird me if you tried.

Fink, enjoying the extra coffee time (sans slimy lip prints on the mug) this morning

4 thoughts on “I. M. Weird

  1. Greg

    When I was “in the trenches” I never understood why some of my fellow teachers would chomp down a huge piece of cake thickly laid with icing and then wash it down with a “diet” drink! Why bother?? The damage is already done!

  2. Kodye

    Remember in Music History when you told us that Mozart’s father use to play everything but the last part of a chord progression to wake him up, because it would drive him insane and he’d have to come down and finish it? Yea… well, when you would do tell that story my brain wouldn’t be able to function until you finished the chord progression. So that’s my example of me being weird. Their are probably a lot others, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.


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