This Just In III

Just read an article about a voracious carp threatening the Great Lakes. This is a picture of a controlled fish kill. There is NO WAY that is Lake Michigan water. It’s…I mean…like….blue.


Didn’t he useta have red hair? Talk about NBC’s newest drama…


*GASP*!!!! You must be joking. The UN? Wrong? My skepticism (and, admittedly, cynicism) levels are at an all-time high lately, and getting worse. What are we going to do with me? And while we’re on the subject…

The fact that people are cheering from Boston to San Francisco about Scott Brown’s win over Martha Coakley proves that we, as a nation, are no less partisan and no more concerned about unity than we were, oh, a year and a half ago. Not grinding any political ax (don’t have one)…just saying that both sides talk out of both sides of their mouths. The end.


I was using tweezers to handle a thin stream of strawberry purée frozen with liquid nitrogen because if you touch it, it falls apart.”

Not talking about a science experiment here. He’s referring to something he’s fixing for you to eat.

Yummy. Speakina…time to get some breakfast and hit the shower and the road. I actually have school today. The noive!


5 thoughts on “This Just In III

  1. Kodye

    I tried to write something here about NBC and this disaster with the insanely talented Conan O’Brien… but every time I talk about it my left eye starts to twitch, and I shake out of the pure stupidity of the situation. So… for my own health all I’m going to say is NBC is ran my morons, Jay Leno isn’t funny, and I can’t wait for Conan to get to FOX! I’m with CoCo.

  2. Suzanne

    I like both Jay and Conan and am bummed they couldn’t work something out. I imagine that every new Tonight Show host had their problems when they took over but back in the good ole days where instant gratification was unheard of the hosts were given a chance to show that they can handle it. Same with Jay–give him a chance! People have to get used to something new.

    Have you even seen Heston Blumenthal do a cooking show? He’s from the BBC and is a quite interesting chef, using different techniques and blends of flavors in his creations. He’s quite interesting.

    Can’t believe you are finally going to work. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I have never heard of Heston Blumenthal — I must check him out! And yeah…*yawn*…today was just too hard on me. :P

      Truthfully though…I should not be dancing anymore. Too many sore limbs and aches and pains aferwards!


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