The sixth of June is famous (and infamous) for three reasons, among others:

  1. Today, we commemorate D-Day, when Allied Forces invaded the shores of Normandy in northern France 70 years ago, in what is remembered as a battle won, but at a horrifying cost. Still, it’s hard to calculate the span of Nazi Germany’s (and Russia’s) eventual stronghold in Europe had they not mounted the attack.
  2. Today is the birthday of our most awesome RtB fiend, BoomR. :-D
  3. Today is  International Beatles Fan Day! Now I can get behind that, Jim.

From the Fan Day site:

In June 1967, the first global satellite television show, Our World, was broadcast. Nineteen nations were invited to contribute to the show, and the Beatles appeared representing the UK. On that day, 400 million people in 31 countries all around the world listened to “All You Need Is Love” for the first time.

Photo by David Magnus / Rex Features (20093bp) The Beatles - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios for the 'Our World' live television broadcast, London, Britain - 1967

Photo by David Magnus / Rex Features

John Lennon wrote the song under the directive from the BBC that it contain a message that everyone around the world could understand. They picked the right band, that’s for sure. And with 1967 being the “Summer of Love,” the message couldn’t have been more culturally appropriate or important. (He did, however, wait until the very last minute to say, “Oh, [the broadcast is] coming up that soon? I guess we’d better write something.”)

The Fabs weren’t the only ones in the studio for the event; it was quite crowded with friends and fellow musicians (Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Graham Nash and others). No politicians or heads of state were allowed to participate. I like that part.

Love is all you need. Yep. Put a flower in your hair and celebrate today.

Happy birthday, BoomR! :-D

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