I’m not dead yet

Oh, knock it off already.

Oh, knock it off already.

I always thought people who took a “social media vacation” were kind of silly. Seriously, either you can handle it or you can’t. Log on or not. Makes no diff, so stop being a big baby about it.

I love social media, as many of you know. The fun banter, the checking in on people, seeing everyone’s pictures, sharing about life events and pets and grandchildren, and commiserating about sports teams — I adore it all. But over the last few weeks, I became, I dunno….sidetracked. By some ghoulish turn, I found myself increasingly drawn to the resultant anger of reading articles about Donald Trump, blog posts about those who would “reform” public education in order to line their own pockets at the expense of kids, and reports of yet another idiot exercising his “2nd Amendment rights” by blowing someone’s head off.

Looking back, I recognize that I was morphing into a slightly different morning routine: Come downstairs, start the coffee, take pups out, grab a mug, sit down at the box, and hit the political articles posted on Facebook. Add to that the new twist of starting school, and I was doing all the above plus hitting the road and dealing with the standard problems of teaching and being a union president. Add to that the slight increase of stress associated with my longtime friend and partner in musical theater going through chemotherapy this fall, and I guess you could say I’d become a pretty grinchy rat over a very short time span. Comparably tiny glitches in the routine were making me bark at people who care about me. It was getting to where I didn’t like me very much.

So…stop. Enough. Back up the truck. Mama needs a cool change.

On 26 August, I deactivated my Facebook profile. And of course I wanted to announce it in a positive light, for two reasons: 1) I hate it when people get all upset in an online forum and announce, “I’m leaving!” Just leave already fuh cripesake, and take your swan song drama with you;  2) however, when my friends found I’d deactivated, some would surely contact me and ask what was up, so I thought I’d head some of that off at the pass. Anyway, that was Friday night. Now it’s Sunday morning. And you know what?

I don’t want to go on the cart.

I’m not dead yet. :-)

I’ll most certainly be back, but I’m thinking maybe after my show closes and the election is over — both of which happen around the same time. Maybe sooner, maybe later. It’ll just depend on my rattitude. I envy people who can juggle all the plates and keep it all together in a manageable balance. Me? I think I was feeding the wrong wolf, and that’s not healthy. When you get up in the morning searching for outrage instead of peace, you’re out of round; cracking the enamel. And that’s where I was headed.

It’s kinda weird, actually: As I write to you, I’m thinking about rehearsals for Addams Family starting tomorrow. But the thoughts are not soaked in dread, as they were a couple weeks ago. Instead, I feel something akin to a healthy fear. haha But it’s good. I’m not allowing myself to read the news sites this morning; I need to munch on something else for breakfast; like peace. Maybe later I’ll catch up on the news of the world, but not now, in the formative minutes of daybreak. I have to frame my morning more carefully, and I get no peace from reading about guns and Trumpkins, say thankya.

So here I am, temporarily quit of social media, and still alive and stuff. I have no idea what happened in American politics overnight, and don’t plan to get one until later. And I’m fine with that. Meantime, I’ll get some school work done and have a chat with the Thriller. Happy Sumday, fiends. Fink out.

9 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet

  1. Suzanne

    Hmm I was recently one of those that “left” Facebook in a rather unintentional dramatic way, one of the silly ones I guess. Heh. My mornings are now catching up on shows I’ve recorded (I may not read FB anymore but I am still addicted to that TV) and sometimes I don’t even turn on the laptop……the whole day! Shocking I know but don’t be too impressed there’s still my phone and tablet. ? House and garden work is getting done and the Ragdoll Coalition definitely benefits, too.

    Good on you for wanting to focus on the good things in life. I totally missed that you are doing Addams Family! ! How fun!

    Heart you *hugs*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I didn’t think your departure was dramatic at all! You simply said what you wanted to do, and did it. I respect that. It didn’t strike me as “I’m leaving, so everyone beg me to stay!”

      And that’s what I’m looking for — a bit of time to get more stuff done around here. I think I’m already doing it, just 48 hours in! And yep, we’re doing Addams Family — the songs are downright funny, which is a new and refreshing thing. Should be fun! Hugz back atya, friend!

  2. David

    Ms Fink I totally get hitting the reset. That said, I for one will miss your presence there. You actually were one of the voices of reason I listened for.
    As you start another new year, with new kids, shows and deadlines know you are thought of and prayed for. As Finks go you are the best! ?
    I will occasionally touch base with you just to know you are well! Much love and peace!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks Dave — I shall return! I know you get it; I just need to refocus for a bit on stuff that needs to happen sooner rather than later. And I always look for your posts as well. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers — you know my number!!

  3. Kay Raplenovich

    REALLY???? WOW!!! I don’t know what to say. I have email because you begged me without mercy to jump on board, I have facebook because you were relentless after many many years of turning away your pleas. I saw the error of my ways and followed you into the rabbit hole. Believe me, some days when I have watched another “Tasty” cooking video or once again have seen the postings of my cousins who are the shocking polar opposite of my political spectrum, I curse your name and your magnetic influence on me. But most of the time I hug you across the plains because I am slightly more connected with the “real” world and I have actually learned a ton, seen videos that bring me great joy and stay in contact with my friends with a hint of a modern flair [although there is nothing like getting mail]. I still am not enamored with facebook, but I am glad I can choose to check it out, and I don’t know what I would do without email, but I too like to start my day with inhaling peace so that I can exhale love. And I love you my influential computer queen friend. Can I still call you with computer problems, please?

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      I know it seems odd that I would take 5 from a place I dragged you over the course of the last decade, but I’m so glad you’re “here!” Unlike you, it was getting to the place for me where social media was becoming a need (checking it on my phone at school between classes, reading FB and Twitter instead of working on music or reading a book, etc.), and I always ended up reading political stuff that just made me furious. So it was time for a breather. I’ll be back though! (You know me.)

      And any old time you want to ask a question, I’m yer huckleberry. You know where/how to find me — if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it or make up one. ;-) I love you!


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