I’m out.

Not that kind of out — as in outta here. Rather, I mean time, patience, energy, ambition, ideas, sync, room, sorts.¬†Otherwise, things are just dandy.

J’ever get that way? What do you do when it happens? It’s a coping skill I’ve yet to master. It is difficult for me to look at people around me who seem to have their schedule/life/affairs in such great symbiosis, while I continue to flail around like a trout on a boat deck. (It’s not really that bad, but sometimes it seems like it.)

Some would say I am over-committed, over-stretched, and under-organized. Maybe I should just be committed. :-)

I covet your thoughts on handling insanity, outside of finding a conveniently located bridge from which to fling myself. Metaphorically, of course.

PS – Loved all your suggestions from yesterday. See how fantastic you are?

4 thoughts on “I’m out.

  1. BoomR

    Everything is better with chocolate….

    …or pie…
    …or a nice glass of wine…
    …or DD coffee…
    …or a movie….
    …or an afternoon immersed in Logic Studio or Band In a Box…


  2. Rat Fink Post author

    You’re all right — especially spending time with LS and BiaB! I need to do that. Just can’t find the time. Yikes, here I go again! LOL


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