In the movie Risky Business, Tom Cruise says something about yanking down your drawers and sliding on the ice. That’s kind of what’s going on here.

I’ve had to make all kinds of adjustments/cuts in the vocal and orchestral score for this show, and the kids are doing well with it. (Haven’t had orchestra rehearsal yet, so I don’t know about those krazy kats…but I’m sure it will be fine.)

Some people do really well with flying by the shoelaces; others freak. Some people do their homework little by little and just put finishing touches on it the night before it’s due; others wait till the last minute and pull an all-nighter (I’ve been guilty of this). Some people are like, “Feh,” and others worry and fret about every little thing in life. Takes all kinds, I suppose.

What kind are you? Are you the last-minute guy, or the “I’ve had it planned out and gradually processed for weeks” type? I guess you could be both, depending upon the situation. I tend to procrastinate on BU stuff, entering grades, the district website…but I am just about always prepared for choir rehearsals every day, and musical rehearsals every night. Me funny.

Several of my RtB fiends asked me what was going on with yesterday’s post (my wanting to commit various & sundry felonies). It was very much along the lines of improvisation: taking the unexpected garbage and making stroganoff out of it. Lemonade. You know.

All right. Enough psychoanalysis for today. I’ll leave that up to the Thriller.


13 thoughts on “Improvisation

  1. Stein

    So what does this creepy conehead-esk guy have to do with any of your post? He looks a little too…. pleased about something.

    I am the last minute type of guy when it deals with things pertaining just to myself. I don’t plan meals, my wardrobe, shopping times, oil changes, personal work. I do plan and work out ahead of time those things that affect more than just me. I plan the music selection (I have a great idea for marching band shows for next year!) for my bands. I plan how each rehearsal is going to go, as well as trips to go see others.

  2. Hiltbrunner

    I guess it depends on the situation at hand. Sometimes I do my best work when I am rushed, sometimes I utterly and completely fail by waiting.

    [sings] If I could I surely would [/sings] have most things planned out, I like a little bit of structure in planning.

    Hilt of the sword Brunner out.

  3. PKPudlin

    Usually I try to be organized and planned out well in advance. Twenty years in the nursing field has taught me to be well prepared before I embark on a project; gathering supplies and information etc. However, being a creative person, I am not above pulling ideas out of my back pocket at the last minute and accomplishing them in a flurry of activity. I will go into rehearsal well prepared, either as a singer or as a director and then suddenly decide on a different tempo or improvisatory device etc. My ensembles have come to deal with this well, especially because I encourage my singers/instrumentalists to likewise share their sudden inspirations. It makes for some lively rehearsals and performances, I can tell you!!

    However unsolicited advice or demands, as from a supervisory type person, are usually unwelcome, especially because 1. the supervisory type people are NOT performing musicians and 2. I usually end up tearing my hair out in clumps. On the other hand, I have been known to do the bobble-head (yessir, yessir. Finesir. No problem sir), and then go ahead and do it my own way. They never know the difference. *Razzberries*

    PK, the rebel.

  4. Mavis

    Need your sister even comment on this? :0) You know me – I’m planning ahead for 2011 already! Just call me, “The List Lady”.


  5. Kodye

    When it came to homework I was more of a “Don’t do it… then get to school, find Matt Conger, ‘borrow’ his, and copy it in the boys locker room” kind of person.

  6. Krissy

    I am a terrible procrastinator. I wait till the night/morning before which is really bad as an English major. Lots of papers= planning that doesn’t happen.

  7. Rat Fink Post author

    Ah, so everyone has a bit of the “wait till later” syndrome. (Except my sister–she keeps this family on their toes!)

  8. Greg

    I’ve never understood why so many people procrastinate on getting all those “chores” done for Christmas. I have a friend who was terrible at this. He did his shopping on the afternoon of Christmas Eve., went to the midnight C of E service, then came home to wrap all his gifts–then he wondered why he was so tired on Christmas Day and couldn’t enjoy things.
    I start working on Christmas two weeks before Thanksgiving. (Ok, I do most everything in advance–well in advance.) If you’re going to enjoy something, don’t wait until the last minute!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Totally agree on the Christmas thing. I must admit there have been years when I have been in the stores on Christmas Eve, but not many.

      Regarding putting things off in general, I think a lot of it is situational. Having a family (especially a young one) can be an incredible strain on the time allowances, depending upon how organized a person you are to begin with. Whereas your time after work is most often your own, having kids to go home to and cook for, bathe, help with homework, etc….that can dig into the “gotta get this other stuff done” time. Or at least I know it did for me.

      But like we always say, everything’s a choice!


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