I’m skeered of that

This morning I read a story about someone playing at the beach with her family, and getting buried in the sand up to her neck.

That would push me right over the edge. Actually, lots of things make me ooky. Hmm.

Phink Phobias

  1. This thing, of course
  2. Having anything over my face, or someone covering my head with a blanket or pillow
  3. Stepping in a hole and snapping my ankle (again)
  4. Heights
  5. Snakes

Now, this doesn’t mean I lapse into massive apoplexy or run about screaming when I encounter the above (I mean, I will fly if I absolutely have to, and I’ve ridden lots of roller coasters and that Power Tower thing at Cedar Point), but I certainly don’t enjoy experiencing any of the five. Feh, there are probably more I could add to the list.

Wait — I retract the apoplexy statement. #2 will send me into flippin’ orbit. I will take you out if you try it. And your family and your cat, too.

What makes you jittery, uncomfortable or even terrified? I covet your lists.

Is it finally Finkday? Yay!!

13 thoughts on “I’m skeered of that

  1. Skylar

    1 – Alcoholism/drunk people. (I’m still not sure why it terrifies me.)
    2 – Extreme speed
    3 – Spiders that creep up unexpectedly. I can stand them from a distance.
    4 – The dark.
    5 – The thought of drowning.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #5 is similar to my fear of suffocation. The American Lung Association used to have a slogan that went something like, “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” So true!

  2. Meg

    1. Trains. (terrible childhood experience involving a bike, stuck bike tire, flashing red lights, and oncoming train)
    2. Not having chapstick!

  3. RD

    1. I freak out on days I don’t get to read the Fink’s blog :)
    2. Getting old is not that attractive to me, but fighting the persistence of the calendar is difficult/impossible.
    3. Utility bills
    4. The price of gasoline
    5. Cars that come to close to me when I’m bike riding
    6. Guns

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I can definitely relate to #2! I know it’s pointless to pine for eternal youth, but believe me I am going to use every resource available within my limited means to stave off the inevitable. LOL

      As for #1 — I will try to never disappoint you! :P

  4. Greg

    1. Heights–though flying in planes doesn’t bother me. Ladders, the school jackstack, very little support at great heights–I can deal with but don’t like it!
    2. Anything medical–I tend to freeze up when visiting the doctor’s office. I dont’ mind the dentist as the lady hygenist is cute!!
    3. The upcoming colonoscopy has put me off using the garden hose!
    4. Making musical arrangements for the carillon–just looking at blank music manuscript paper, the original copy and my pencil put me off until I actually start writing.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Girl, I hate me some clowns. They aren’t a phobia for me, but they just creep me out. They’re A) not funny, and B) dirty looking. Ick!

  5. Edwin C. Rasterburn

    I’m afraid of writing down my fears and having people find out what they are so they can be used against me at a future date.


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