Time for some TIME

I like the Time newsfeed. Today’s menu:

  1. Restaurant Gets Negative Review Before it Even Opens
  2. My students would love this. Thing is, they’d have to be the ones to teach the class.
  3. Oh dear. This reminds me of the Thriller’s inexplicable attraction to ridiculous ghostie shows. In fact, credit them in large part with the creation of the Boot to the Head category.
  4. This is your absolutely no way! article for the day.
  5. Note to self for next choir tour:  Choose Diet Pepsi instead.
  6. Roger Federer is awesome. And so is the opening line of this article, admittedly. HA

And that’s all I had time to read this morning. Now it’s off to the school house, where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean, white coats.

4 thoughts on “Time for some TIME

  1. Conger

    Jax, if they haven’t come to take you away yet then I don’t think they’re coming. So make sure to twiddle your thumbs and toes and maybe they’ll be here tomorrow


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