Invisible weekend

What happened here? The weekend just arrived, and now it’s almost over.

The best part, though, is that we’re having company today! Our sister and sister-in-law from England are coming to visit, and there will be much fun and food and laughter and photography. Judging by their Facebook check-in at the local Holiday Inn, they arrived around 3 a.m. I hope they can get some rest before coming for lunch.

The county fair begins today, complete with the ubiquitous hunky teenage heartthrob flavor-of-the-week up-and-coming country star on the grandstand schedule. Our fair is one of the last six to take place out of Ohio’s 88 counties, and signals the absolute end to anything remotely resembling summer. The kids in the local school district get the day off tomorrow, while the teachers have inservice. Wish I had a “Fair Day.” (But truthfully, it all irons out. They don’t have “Deer Huntin’ Day” on the Monday after Thanksgiving, so we’re even.) I’m hoping to get out there one evening before Saturday and watch the grandsons ride the rides and see the animals. I’m really going to try and swing it.

Of course, there’s the SLO writing, teaching, evening rehearsals, and doing the cut sheet for the Fiddler orchestra. And with that, another week will be in the books. But let’s not think about that right now. Looking forward to some awesome conversation with our sisters this afternoon. Yay!

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