It was a very good year

Time for a retrospective of sorts. A list, because I like making lists (except the kind that delineate jobs to be done…I always lose those).

Two thousand nine was good for me and to me. I made a *lot* of mistakes in 2009; some really big ones come to mind. But the thing about mistakes is you learn from them, forgive others for the ones they make, forgive yourself, and go on. Still, the good stuff prevails, to wit:

  1. Justin came into our lives in May.
  2. I finished my BU degree, so I never have to think about writing a paper ever again (unless it’s for cash money).
  3. Son Seamus started a new career he loves.
  4. I reconnected with BoomR after 20 years. Yay!
  5. Through Facebook, I found several friends from high school, as well as Jan and Suzanne. Yippy!
  6. After a rocky, cloudy, confused January – July, August brought with it new clarity, my 50th birthday, and a huge paradigm shift. The priority now is fun. Fun with the family, fun at work, fun with the Thriller. I believe fun should be everyone’s priority, but especially so after 50, ja?

So before I do a post on what 2010 should bring, I covet your responses on what 2009 did for you. Let’s have em. I enjoy reading them, if for no other reason than I believe each year should feature us getting more done, enjoying more, and growing more as peeple. So, what were some biggies in your life this past year? I know some of you have them. Spill it.

Off the subject: Both the Browns and the Cavs won last night. Whaddyaknow…


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