Oh, get off it.

That’s what my dad used to say when he’d had enough of someone’s yammering on about something. And that’s what I say this morning.

Seems some people are braying like donkeys about Jasper Schuringa (the guy who saved a bunch of collective hind-ends on that Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day) wanting compensation for his interviews on the news networks.

Oh, get off it.

Pot-and-kettle-ism. Do the networks not cash in on freely-gotten news, and do the anchors not get paid handsomely for reading it off a Teleprompter? Why should Schuringa not get his for talking about the time he saved 300+ people from meeting their maker (a service for which, by the way, he does not seem to be charging the other passengers)? FOX, CNN, the Big 3…just shut up and pay up. He deserves it, fuh cripesake.

What they really should focus on is the fact that Abdulmutallab ever got on a plane in the first place with a bomb in his skivvies.


Then some idiot stick tells Demi Moore she looks old. HAA. What I wouldn’t give to look that old, right? Although I will go to the mat against her denials of ever having plastic surgery. I mean, I remember watching her every day on General Hospital back in the early 80s, and she didn’t look as good at 23 as she does now at 47. Oh, get off it. Who cares, and why hide it? Sure, it’s nobody’s business, but not everyone is a dumb sheep. It’s nothing to be ashamed or secretive of, if for no other reason than people will be able to tell you’ve had something done. If/when the time comes, blepharoplasty is definitely in my future, and I won’t bat my baby grays at people who obviously know I’ve had a procedure as if I have no earthly clue what they could possibly be thinking.

My mother always said, “Ladies don’t tell their age.” I can agree with that to an extent; I don’t shout it from the mountaintops. But there is an explicit strangeness — a quiet taboo on that subject — in the education world. *gasp* Don’t tell your kids how old you are!!! Whatev. My students know I have a 29-year-old son and two grandchildren. Why should my age be such a mystery? I am who and what I am. I think I have my students’ respect; I don’t think I’ll lose it if they know I’m 50.


I have no choreography done. But at least I get to spend some time with Jake & Justin this morning. A good day for sure.

Happy Tuesday, fiends.

7 thoughts on “Oh, get off it.

  1. Artillius Merchclod

    I agree. If Sully Sullenberger, or whatever his name was, got all the fame and glory and hype and cash and book deals for simply doing his job and landing that plane in the river after hitting some ducks then this guy should be able to get some cash out of his brave deed.

  2. Suzanne

    Lovely. Next trip to the US I get to have a body scan. THe word going on around re: the Dutchman that saved the day–had the plane been full of Americans it would have been a disaster as everyone would have ignored it. “Fire? I don’t see a fire. Don’t smell anything either” :-P

    51. 1.11.10.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know I did think of you when they were talking about Amsterdam airport. And those naughty Dutch – spreadin’ them lies about us Murricans!

      I do know this American would be extra-jumpy about anything smelling like smoke on a plane. Well, I’d be extra-jumpy about just *getting* on a plane, but…

      And do they have to show huge, long-lasting shots of the guy’s underwear every single day, as if we’d forgotten what they looked like? EWWWWW. I’m getting to the point where I have to look away. Completely grosses me out. *shudder*

      Hey, Gelukkig nieuwJaar, vriend!


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