It’s like anything else.

Writing for fun or profit — although I don’t know much at all about the latter — takes discipline. And lately, I’ve allowed too many other things to stand in the way of my time with you in the mornings. How to stop this hemorrhage of responsibility? One answer: having some things go “right” from time to time helps.

Of course, I’m not talking about the Cleveland Indians’ baffling inability to beat Detroit, or the ridiculous “reformers” ruining public education for good, or that upstanding citizen Ray Rice is appealing his NFL ban (and he’ll likely win, because, after all, no one died, and who do they think he is? Donte Stallworth? Ray Lewis? Sheesh, people), or that I lost my chocolate covered dried cherries to Pax last night when I left the room and absentmindedly forgot to put the lid on the box. Those things — not so right. But in spite of all this and more (refer to my last post, when I wanted to strangle things and people), wanna know what’s “right” in my world, besides my wonderful family?


And I hate to even say it because of the jinx factor, but regardless of the enormous morale problem teachers face today, and the asinine evaluations and testing based on nothing but profit at the expense of our children — there is joy in the choir room, and during musical rehearsals at night. Not every day and not of the highest caliber (yet), but there is decent music being made. Why wouldn’t I want to write about that? Refer to the last word in my opening sentence. Oy.

And looky: with every paragraph, I’m feeling more like my old self. How do you handle stuff like this? Prithee? Hmm? You know there’s a task that needs tasking, but you just put it off and put it off, allowing other things to insinuate their way into your routine. And the heck of it is that writing is something I adore. What fresh Hades is that? Please provide psychoanalysis below. I’ll wait here.

I’m still waiting.


Happy Monkday, all. Good to be back. The Bears, Packers and Browns all won yesterday; things are rosy in the Fink football family. For the moment, anyway.

2 thoughts on “It’s like anything else.

  1. Mavis

    Lindabird! You’re back! So happy to be “reading” you again. Also thrilled that you and your students are making joyful noises! It always helps when the job is going well. I SPIT on a jinx!

    We hit the football lottery yesterday, eh?! All is well with the world this week. Hoping/praying that this week is a great one for you and the kids.

    Love you! Great to see you back in this here box! ;-)

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks, Mave darlin’! It’s good to be back, although I didn’t have much to say this morning, despite getting up at 3:00!!



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