Saving up

Fink, where have you been? I’m sure my 100 worldwide readers on the vast internet might wonder. Well fiends, I’ve been saving up. After what happened yesterday and last night, I have plenty to yammer on about. I just need the time in the morning to give it my best effort.

Suffice to say that this week has been a bit difficult in the time management area. When I get home at night, I’m pretty much worthless, and all I manage to do is maybe watch a little news, catch up with the Thriller, and get stuff ready to take to school the next morning. Not complaining, mind…it’s the way it is and has been for many years, so I’m good with it. Still, I know I’ve handled this better in years past; what’s going on here?

There are issues, however. I’m hoarding them at present, but I plan to give them away — to you — in the very near future. Just letting you know this morning that I haven’t completely dried up and blown away. I hope you’re well and enjoying this beautiful September weather, wherever you are.

In the meantime, I seethe. Updates forthcoming.

I’ll leave you with an exciting announcement to tide you over: Next Friday, I’m spending the evening and following morning with my favorite Dutch girl ever — RtB fiend Suzanne! She will be in the States (she makes it across the sea only once a year or so) visiting her mama in Michigan, so I’m making the drive to spend some quality time catching up and being generally silly. Can’t wait; it’s been far too long.

For now, though, I must fly to make my daily contribution to the music education of our youth, one wrong note at a time. Ta!


5 thoughts on “Saving up

  1. Candace

    Thank goodness you’re still here!!! Holding my breath for the next update as they are always informative, entertaining, enlightening and just good reading. Not really holding my breath but I was adding a dramatic flair.

  2. David

    When there is something this good, waiting is like savoring the aroma of the Jamacian Blue coffee before the first sip…always worth it!
    Just sayin…

  3. Suzanne

    So….in other words things are normal with the FInkster *SnORt*

    YAY I can’t wait to see you either, my friend!! Things are gearing up here, suitcase brought down, in-laws brought up-to-date, a few meals stashed in the freezer for H since he will probably starve while I am away. :P

    I’ll be in touch in between and definitely when the Eagle has Landed!

    Have a good week, don’t let it bite you in the arse just yet. :)

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    You guys are the beast! I was, of course, seething out of frustration over various things over which I have no control. That always bugs the ka-rap outta me. But with a new weeks comes new perspective — until, of course, the wheels fall off again, lol.

    But it’s a four-day week! Who can seethe about that???


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