Just another manic Monday

Better than depressive, I guess, eh?

And since I am indeed manic today, here are some funnies. I have long intended to clean up my hard drive and copy my hee-yooooge “Blog” subdirectory to Gmail or portable storage, in the event the digital equivalent of Hurricane Katrina befell my machine. Well, while attempting to tackle that job this morning, I found some entertaining images I’d totally forgotten about over the months/years. I will share them with you this day.



This will mean much to a few. :-)

For Kody, the Pez collector

And now it’s off to my Monday…putting the Thriller to work in my classroom. (I’ll bet he’s excited about that.)


10 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You mean they *never* crash?

      Hey, since we’re on the subject…I should have plenty of space on this thing (yes, I’m using the MBP to post this!) to run both LS and the entire Adobe Pro Suite, right? We’re talking PhotoShop, Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, probably PageMaker, etc. A butt loada software. That won’t slow anything else down, will it? I don’t even know the horsepower of this machine. Ridiculous!

  1. BoomR

    I have been using Macs for like 15+ years. I’ve NEVER had a crash where you lose everything & must re-format your hard drive & start over.

    I have to reformat & reinstall on a yearly basis with Windows machines because they get so bloated & bogged down… it’s just something that I have come to expect.

    And that new machine of yours was born to run the Adobe Creative Suite – it won’t break a sweat! Go back to that link I sent you (and that you posted here) & it will show you the horsepower. I think you’ve got a dual-core Intel running @ 2.8 GHz… Smokin’!!!

    1. BoomR

      (PS – and no comments from the peanut gallery about how I just don’t know how to work with/run a Windows machine. I used to be an MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer and was working on my MCSE before I took a technical training job with Nokia) :-P~~~~~~

  2. Kodye

    Wow. Referencing all my favorite things, huh? Pez. The Princess Bride. If you could of tossed a Russell Brand reference in there it could of a been a triad of amazing.

  3. Stoney

    Ha!!! Hilarious! Special thanks for The Princess Bride reference. One of the funniest movies (second to Young Frankenstein of course) ever.
    “Roll Roll, Roll in ze hay”


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