Just another manic…

What I saw in the mirror this morning.

Well, it’s actually not manic. Sleep was fleeting last night, so I’m not really excited about anything at the moment, other than swallowing down this most excellent joe and getting on the with the three things on my imaginary list today: 1) do some editing on a couple of documents; 2) finish up buying choir music for fall; 3) putting another coat of stain on the two little repair projects. (Intense humidity, despite our best efforts to keep the area air conditioned, is proving to be somewhat problematic for the drying process.)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

What’s up today in my maniacal attempt (along with 27,000 of my closest friends) to bring down the corporate evil that is the privitization — and ultimate dismantling — of our public schools? Lots of emails, phone calls and tweets. Game on.

And now, for your meme of the day/week/whenever the mood strikes me:

There. Big enough so Bill Gates won’t need his spectacles to read it.

Happy Monkday, fiends — make it good!

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