Keep sniffing

A little over two years ago, in this very room in this very chair, I reminded myself that I need to make it a point to smell the roses as often as possible.

Since I’ve been up (3:30 a.m.) today, I’ve read a lot of negativity on Facebook posts, mostly from people a lot younger than my creaky self. And that started to bother me. You’re 20 and posting how worn out from life and work you are, and how much people in general are bothering you? Seriously?

I went off on a tangent to my 7th and 8th graders yesterday, telling them that I wish they’d care more about stuff because I was staring at the future leaders of our country. What if we had a country full of civic leaders and business people who didn’t care about anything? Here I am, puppeting what my parents felt and said 35 years ago. I’ve become my mother — something I swore in 1977 I’d never do. Whaddya make of that? A hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl?

Anyway, I’m off on another tangent, so back to the subject: rose sniffing. Today I am grateful for the same things I was grateful for in the original 2009 post: family, friends, a job I love, a small but cozy home. Oh, and Johnny Depp movies, the Beatles, and cake. (Not necessarily in that order.)

How about you? Are you grateful for anything specific this year? Do you have a rose-sniffing to share? As always, I covet your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Keep sniffing

  1. Meg

    What a kawinkydink. I was *just* venting to my roommate this morning about how irritated I’ve been with people’s posts recently. It’s unfortunate that facebook has become such a negative, whoa is me forum. Perhaps you and I have noticed it recently because we have mutual friends. I just try to do the opposite of many and post somewhat civil thoughts.

    And as far as being grateful for things, there isn’t enough room in this text box. :) However, the further along in college I get the more I am grateful for the quality of my friendships as opposed to quantity.


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