Lazy Sunday

Me, tired out? What’s this — a headache? That doesn’t happen too often. I slept in today (7:15!), so I’m a bit off my feed. Does that ever happen to you? Too much sleep?

Truth be told, I think I’m just wonked about the coming 20 days; the lead-up to you-know-what. Much to do, and some of it has to happen today. Four projects, to be precise. So let’s get going.

Yesterday was three kinds of awesome, though. Got to see Jake play flag football (his team is the L.A. Raydiz), and played with Justin and Mr. A. on the sidelines. Jake scored, and it was a beautiful morning, and everyone had fun. Now, it’s back to reality.

I read a column yesterday (too tired to search it out at the moment) that featured lessons we learn later in life that we could have benefited from earlier — say, in our twenties, when most of us embark on a career. One of those things was taking time to recharge; that not everything in life is about work, success, and the drive to get better at everything. I struggle with this, even at my advanced age of 41.

Anyway, the guy basically said that weekends — whenever our “weekends” fall in our job schedules — should not be for work. Leave work at work, and focus on your family and yourself. Wise words. But truthfully, how many of us run ragged throughout the week, and find that the only time to get *other* stuff done is on the weekends? Still working that one out…

Speaking of out, I’m off and running. It’s Sunday, and there’s stuff to do. But I’d prefer to be lazy, feel me?

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