Trans·fer·ence  (trns-fûrns) n. The redirection of attitudes and emotions towards a substitute.

Hmm. Is this what I’m suffering? Transference? Since April, when I basically gave up junk food, the pairs of shoes in my closet have multiplied exponentially. Am I trading one bad habit for another? I mean, I had to have these. Then I saw these, and those were too pretty to pass up. I’m ashamed to say the list goes on. So, am I mental? Do I need a shoe intervention? And who’s going to come to my house and pry them out of my cold, dead paws?

Hey, it’s Thursday, so that  makes everything OK. One more day till you-know-when. I’m up for a party this weekend. Anyone else? My house. Bring new shoes.


4 thoughts on “Transference

  1. Mavis

    Bird-O-Mine! Transference can be a blessing…and a curse. Attitudes and emotions can definitely be changed, but it’s “actions” that get people in trouble sometimes. If indeed it is a transference issue with you, I’d much rather see you trade junk food for those lovely shoes! At least you aren’t (which so many folks do) trading one bad thing for something else that’s bad for you. Shoes are a good thing to replace junk food! As long as you’re not spending every last dime you have on them, you’re just fine, Birdie. That’s as much sage advice as you’re going to get from Mavis this early. :-) Now put those new shoes on and keep walking the “no-junk-food” path!!

  2. David

    You just transfer to your hearts content!
    Liz on one shoe shopping trip (yes, she has shoe trips) purchased 9 (count em) 9 pairs of shoes. You would like the shoe vault. :) My role in her life that day was simply being the schlepper!
    As Mavis said…as long as it hurts no one including you …you’re safe!

    I trust that Fridays are “put on your dancing shoes” days!

  3. PKPudlin

    Think of it this way: Shoes you can enjoy more than once. Junk food is gone when you eat it.

    I’d much rather wear my ‘bad habit’ on my feet than other places on my body! :P

    PK (a.k.a. Imelda)

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    All wise and wonderful, as usual. :-)

    Mavis — so right! I need to adopt that mindset (anything “healthy” over junk food). These shoes were all on sale through Payless, the only discount-type store that carries my size, so the guilt factor is controllable, lol. I don’t know what’s up with me lately…I really am developing an aversion to spending money. GO FIGURE. Hey, see you later on today!!! <3 <3 <3

    D. Lee — the SHOE VAULT. I gotta tell the Thriller that one. HAaaaa! I am putting on some dancing shoes today indeed, Pensioner/Schlepper. They’re called Reeboks, because it’s pay-to-dress-casual day! Shyeahhhhhhhhh. Have a good day, handsome.

    Mrs. Marcos — AMEN on that last line, sister. And you should know, having lost a bunch of weight yourself. One day, I shall be able to say I’m “at goal weight.” That’s never happened before in me whole life. Looking forward to it — how does it feel???


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