Thinky McThinkleman

I don’t mean to be vague, really. I hate vague posts, and believe me, with teenagers on my Facebook and Twitter lists, I see them *all the time*. But I am deep in thought this day, about many things.

Can you hear me thinking from over there? Ouch, it’s hurting my reptilian brain.

When you’re in Thinkyville, what do you do? Make lists? Talk to family or close friends? Eat?


Back later.


6 thoughts on “Thinky McThinkleman

  1. David

    I get alone. Depending on how serious or deep the subject matter is I usually just get alone, get quiet, no outside distractions. I do my best thinking early, early morning or while driving. If it is early morning and I am driving I am a veritable genius! :)
    I do the prioritized list thingy once I have it all sorted out in my mind.
    Pensioners have lots of good thinking time on our hands…good thing cause we have lots to contemplate. What should I do today…hmmmmmm

  2. RD

    I take a nap — just kidding. When I have something to think through, I like to get with another person who is also a thinker so that we can bounce ideas all over the place. I prefer to think with another person face to face rather than in writing.

  3. Suzanne

    I do my best thinking while riding. I am also a genius first thing in the morning! I think and pedal. Then I reward myself by eating a good breakfast.

    So what’s your reptilian brain thinking about? Get anything resolved?


  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks for all these, fiends. I actually saw a little bit of myself in every comment — from being alone, to bouncing ideas off someone else, to peddling (treadmilling).

    Much to think about these days, Suz…IOU an update mail!


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