Letting go

Yay for Saturnday! I must say I’m glad it’s here, and fall is in the air. I had to turn on the electric blanket last night. And speaking of last night — it was tons of fun, with both sons and their families stopping by for sandwiches and conversation. Great way to start the weekend.

This whole “leave school at school” thing is taking some getting used to. I walked back twice — twice — to the piano in my classroom yesterday to retrieve my Fiddler on the Roof conductor score so I could take it home and work on it. Both times, I reached for it, pulled my hand back, thought better of it, and left it lying there. Bully for me. To quote John Lennon: I just had toooOooOO let it go. Time was, I’d feel terribly guilty about that, but no more. Age refines, yes?

That said, there is still work to do. I have to do another week’s worth of lesson plans, write a test, and get some stuff done around this house. The Thriller got a great offer from Greektown in Detroit (free hotel and a handsome bit of cash to spend), so we’re on the fence about whether to take them up on it this afternoon. Right now, neither one of us feels like getting up from the chairs we’re in, as the coffee is delicious, the neighborhood is still quiet, and there’s plenty to read.

I hope you’re doing something relaxing today. We all deserve it. Vive l’automne!

2 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Mavis

    Yay for Fall! Yay for letting go!! Yay for Football! :-)

    You’re getting the hang of it, Birdie. Practice makes perfect! Go ahead and get away today! You both deserve it!

    Love you!!! <3

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yay for football! Oh wait, both our teams lost…BLAH

      We ended up not going to Detroit on Saturday. We couldn’t see spending the money on gas to get up there, even with the freebs. We had other stuff we needed to get done, so we just made a grocery run and came back. It was a good weekend to bury myself in writing lesson plans and a test. Now on to this crazy week. Hope yours goes well — love you too!


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